SHAMELESS US: What I do know about the show without watching the show by Mei Lee

inspired by this post I saw earlier this week on GoT

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This is exactly what is happening to me, honey. I thought I was the only one. I just received an ask from a friend telling me she was told the episode was a good filler, and my intention was to answer her publicly but I clicked the wrong button hahaha.

Anyway, what I said to her is I’m happy the episode shown plenty of BAMF!Jody moments, but at the same time I feel this is not what I’m looking for. We all already know how BAMF Jody is, after all, I think it’s time to show something different. This season was full of fillers, and only a couple of them were good enough to give them a second watch.

I don’t know, I feel like I’m being difficult to please these days. I want a lot from SPN, and I receive a good episode every two or three months. It’s exhausting…

Sorry for the rant, it won’t happen again.

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Good morning to all my followers!!

It doesn’t look like a day after a SPN episode because basically my dashboard is everything but posts about the last episode, but somehow I’m used to this feeling right now.

No news is good news?

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I’m just afraid everyone’s going to get sick of me. I’m sick of me.

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Off to watch Shameless 3x10 :)

If you need to vent or something about SPN, you know my askbox is open.

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Shit. The thing with DeanCas.

Is that it makes you want to explain love a billion different ways.

They make you want to talk about love in the form of simple kisses underneath foliage of trees but also in sprawling metaphors of the universe’s energy and celestial bodies.

They make you want to define love through the the written word, the spoken word, the sung word, the drawn word. And you write a hundred thousand sentences, and you sing their ‘i need you’s, and you immortalize their faces on paper, and you speak in the tongue of the greatest love story that has ever been told.

They make you want to find love in a monstrous world; or in classroom halls, or in warm coffee shops, or in a little house with a garden, or by the ocean or maybe sea.

And the greatest thing, really, is this:

They make you want love to happen. Not even to yourself. But to somebody else. 

I don’t know about you.

But fuck.

Oh God, this is amazing…

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