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Well… clearly I will answer this behind the cut haha.

Kisses to Ryan Curtis.

Remember why I do this.

You’re warned.


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Dean & Cas + phone calls

(5x04 - 9x18)

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Anonymous inquired:

So we agree that bakery AU's and coffe shop AU's are the cutest, so why not combine the two in one fic. In which they're perfect for each other because Cas is a caffeine addicted and a baker whose speciality is pies, his apple pie is simply heavenly. And Dean owns a cofee shop with the best coffee one can ever dream to taste and an insane love for pies. And they fall in love somewhere in between bits of pie and sips of coffee along with big doses of sexual tension.


 this is super cute and i really want this now!!!!


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I’m from Vancouver, I got no street.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Epilogue

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Anonymous inquired:

I read a post about ravens and wolves working together so I thought it would make a cute fic if Cas was a raven!shifter and Dean a wolf!shifter and they were hunting partners. Then after a hard days work, shift back to humans and make-out.

Awww this is a great idea as well!! 

It could be terribly poetic, apart from the make out hahaha.

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Dean: "Do you come often to this bench, gorgeous?"

or that AU in which Dean Winchester has a shitty day in which he’s fired of his job, kicked out of his ratty apartment and robbed of his car, but he finds this handsome stranger in a park with the bluest eyes to ever blue and Dean shamelessly flirts with him because why the hell not, maybe he’s got lucky and a good thing can happen to him in this hell of a day.

Awwwww this is very sweet!!!!!

Can someone write this? ♥

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