come on baby, don’t fear the reaper.

capturedean’s graphic challenge

↳Round 1, group 5: saving-things-hunting-people

Prompt: fearless

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Can I trust in my own heart?

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Ask compilation

Here I am, with today’s compilation.

Sorry for the delay, I had to prepare dinner AND cleaning the dishes xD

Anyway, as usual, if you don’t like SPN fans who feel upset or people who are really negative about S10, please don’t click

Thanks in advance.

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EVERYONE who reblogs this will get a ficlet based on the pairings that I see on their blog


This can be interesting!!! XD

If they can make a Destiel-Gallavich one. I will kiss them.

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Cas being 1000% over Uriel’s shit.

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shameless cast 

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Anonymous inquired:

hey cabaret anon here, I sent you a fic prompt to go along with the fanart prompt, did you get it?

Hi honey!!

And no, I didn’t receive the fic prompt :(

I only have a bunch of messages on hold that will be post in a compilation.

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#ask  #anon  
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Anonymous inquired:

cabaret anon, also a fanart of Dean in such attire in a moment of his dance, with Cas playing cello in the background would be awsome too if some artist see this pls

Mmm… art prompts!!!

I like that. I like the cello part, the most ♥

I can totally see Cas playing the cello, or the violin.

Give me Violinist!Cas :D

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