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Did you hear about this? A fan wanted to ask a destiel question at Jensen's panel but this was the response,''I asked the lady who was screening our questions and she said no because that stuff makes him uncomfortable. " I don't really know about this show anymore. If he doesn't want to talk about it on will they play it out if it makes him uncomfortable. I'm really SAD about this.

Yes, I’ve read about it. And I’m sorry you’re sad.

It’s very difficult to have a concrete opinion about this, it’s like playing with a bomb, more or less??

We just know a worker there said that, which is not more than that. I can understand people are upset, sad, angry about it. I really understand you all. But I understand he is a shy person too, that Jensen has not a panel on his own, and that (let’s phrase it the best way possible) the public attending his panels is not the best public to talk about that sensitivie topic.

I think the best place to talk about this with him is face to face, in a meet and greet, or somewhere more intimate, where it’s not a group of girls screaming because of how tight is your ass, what boxer colour you wear, how much of a girlfriend of another boy your unborn daughter will be, and that kind of meaningful stuff.

I try to understand it this way.

I understand he plays Dean in a certain way, I understand he is a kickass actor, and I understand he plays Dean with Cas differently than with everybody else. Both in dialogues and body language.

I prefer to focus on Dean and Cas, and keep on focusing on that.

And I will just drop this here… just in case…


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  3. bunkermouse said: Yes exactly, it’s honestly amazing that such a sigh person can be so vulnerable in front of the camera. I don’t think it is the material that makes him uncomfortable but the situation.
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